Shader changes in api 14x

looking for Unity shader changes from api 12x into api 14x
this is what i found so far

– removed _AlphaToMask and _AlphaToMaskInspectorValue

/// [HideInInspector][ToggleUI]_AlphaToMaskInspectorValue("_AlphaToMaskInspectorValue", Float) = 0 // Property used to save the alpha to mask state in the inspector
///[HideInInspector][ToggleUI]_AlphaToMask("__alphaToMask", Float) = 0

– removed pragma for local _ALPHATOMASK_ON

#pragma shader_feature_local _ALPHATOMASK_ON

– change in “WRITE_MSAA_DEPTH” no longer looks for “_ALPHATOMASK_ON”, Alpha channel is used for alpha to coverage

    // Depth and Alpha to coverage
    // In case we are rendering in MSAA, reading the an MSAA depth buffer is way too expensive. To avoid that, we export the depth to a color buffer
    depthColor = packedInput.vmesh.positionCS.z;

    // Alpha channel is used for alpha to coverage
    depthColor.a = SharpenAlpha(builtinData.opacity, builtinData.alphaClipTreshold);

– Unity added a new property for Alpha Remap exposed in surface inputs
however only seems to only work when set in transparent type
no idea why they did not put this with the alpha threshold under surface option for consistency

_AlphaRemapMin("AlphaRemapMin", Float) = 0.0
_AlphaRemapMax("AlphaRemapMax", Float) = 1.0

from looking at this it may be working with perhaps a one minus / max ?
do we know what script this is found in?

my first try looks something like this ?