Shader Error after upgrading to 1.2.3

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I recently upgraded to 1.2.3 and all my UI has shader error.
I get the logs of “TextSDFSmoothstep” MaterialX encoding missing, but I’m not using that custom shader, I’m using the default shader from UI. I get no other logs, just the “pink” color on my UI.

Reimporting the packages didn’t work and I cannot find anything about URP settings. I know building a shader graph for UI will work but it’s simpler if I use the unity’s default UI shader.

Any idea?


You said that you reimported the packages; did you specifically reimport the shader graphs in the PolySpatial package, as specified by the FAQ? That is typically required to resolve this issue.

The default UI shaders are mapped to shader graphs included with PolySpatial (and converted to MaterialX for use in visionOS/RealityKit): Packages/PolySpatial/Resources/Shaders/TextSDFSmoothstep.shadergraph for TextMeshPro shaders, and Packages/PolySpatial/Resources/Shaders/MaskingShader.shadergraph for UI images. Typically, reimporting those shaders (by right-clicking on them and selecting “Reimport”) fixes this issue.

Had to reimport file by file, it did work.

Now it’s clear and make a lot of sense!


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