Shader error upon build to Oculus Quest 2

Error building Player:

Undeclared identifier "UNITY_DISPLAY-ORIENTATION _PRETRANSFORM" at Files/Unity?Hub/Editor/Data/CGIncludes/UnityCG.cginc(817) (on vulkan) 

I’m getting this upon build.

I made a shaderfrom the Shader-Graph and i animated it. It works in play mode but when i go to build it shows this error x2. Im building to Oculus and ive follwed the whole set up and it was all working well before this shader was introduced.

Im not familiar with shaders but would really appreciate the help. Ive done research into this error but most say its something to do with a script but i didnt write the script? I just used the nodes system?

Would appreciate any help at all Im sorry i cant figure it out myself.

Found the issue. I had to update to URP from the built in RenderPipeline and that fixed the issue.

I was using unity version 2021.3.15f1, then moved my project to version 2022.3.20f1 and this solved all my errors.