Shader for semi-Transparent object with highlighted Edges

I’m searching for a shader that mimics this look: 1
It’s from the Apple ARkit App for Object Scanning.

Basically, it is a semi-Transparent cube with highlighted Edges. (Middle Picture with the yellow face)
It should be possible for Cubes, Cylinders, and Spheres.
Any idea how to make it possible?

You can create Transparent Shader and get this effect which will also allow you to make shader only on the facing side of the cube and won’t draw the shader on the other sides (like you see complete transparent on top, sides, back in your sample image). However, you need to play with vertex code in shader to get those cube lines.

Other than that if you are fine with getting semi-transperancy on all side than I’d suggest you to just add Standard Shader, change the Rendering Mode to Transparent, change color and it’s Alpha (A) value.