shader for tree leaves + lightmap

I want to know what kind of shader can allow me to bake a lightmap on a tree leaves with planes with textures for the leaves ?
The shader must work on iPhone/iPad, so if someone can answer to the question that could be cool :).

I actually used the nature/Treeleaves occl on my computer just to test and the lightmap break it then the texture become invisible.
I try with a Transparent/Diffus-LM (which is a diffuse modify) and seems don’t work too.

So if someone have an idea ?

I gonna answer to my own topic cause I find a solution to my problem long time ago.

To solve this problem I just use another shader than Transparent/Diffus or Diffuse-LM. I used iPhone/Diffus-Double-SolidAlpha or other iPhone shader with alpha management and I disabled lightmap on trees too to avoid this problem.

To disable LM on tree I just switch there atlas value to :

actualAtlas = actualAtlasValue + 200;

With this method I can reset the lightmap to its true value when I want :).