Shader Graph additive blend mode doesnt detect the alpha channel.

I’m having a issue in Shader Graph while making a material for my spark particles, i wanted to get a glow like effect, but i saw that the additive blend mode doesn’t detect the alpha from vertex color. Here is my shader and result.

Maybe i was doing a mistake, so i check with a simpler material, unchecked my color over time module and played with the values of start color with interesting results, alpha 0, still visible.

Putting the default additive particle shader works fine, but i don’t know how to make the glow effect, i want to know if anyone knows how to solve this issue or how to make the shader with glow. Sorry if my english is too broken.

I’m having this exact issue @Cosmic_Edge. Did you ever find a solution for this?

Owlhoot showed the solution here, but to explain it further, you’ll want to split the Alpha from the Vertex Color and multiply it with the RGBA output from the Sample Texture and put it in the Color input slot of the Master Node.

Particle Systems will use the Alpha values of the Vertex Color which is used in the Color node. I’m not sure if I can explain better as I’m still learning about shaders.