Shader graph connections not visible

About a week ago I opened shader graph in one of my projects when I noticed the connections between nodes are just gone (like shown in the image). The shader still works just fine as if the connections are there, but it’s impossible to work with since they are not visible. The problem started on Unity 2021.3.6f1, then I upgraded to Unity 2022.1.22f1 and the problem remains. Even if I create a new project I still can not see any connections. I am working on Macbook pro 2017.
Any help would be appreciated.

I have the same problem. I upgraded my 2021 project to 2022 and now the shader graph does not display connections between nodes.

This is still a problem. Today I have noticed that the Visual Effect graph also lacks all connections. This makes it impossible to work with. Any help would be greatly appreciated.