Shader Graph Editor Super Laggy on Mac

I’m trying to use the LWRP to make some shaders. I was using Shader Graph on a Windows machine last week and it was working fine, but when I tried it on my Mac today, it was insanely laggy. We’re talking like 1 maybe 2 fps. Dragging nodes around, clicking through menus, opening a dropdown, anything in Shader Graph is unbearably laggy. I understand that this is considered a preview package, but I’m just wondering if anyone else had this issue and knows how to fix it.

Here’s a capture of what it’s doing Shader Graph Lag - YouTube, and yes I’ve restarted Unity, restarted the computer, and still no luck.

I’m using Unity 2018.3.4f1 and LWRP v 4.1.0

I had the exact same Problem.
Disabling Metal Editor Support under Player Settings → Other Settings solved the Problem for me.