Shader Graph Error - The Current render Pipeline is not compatible with this master node

I started learning shader graphs but i am getting this weird issue when i create PBR Graph shader


Can anyone please help me how to fix this?

  1. Download the new Lightweight Render Pipeline from the Package Manager

  2. Right Click in the asset folder and Create → Rendering → Lightweight pipeline asset-> name it anything.

  3. Goto Edit → Project Settings → Graphics then Drag and dop the Pipeline asset you created onto the Scriptable Render Pipeline Settings (1st item).

same problem here, found anything?

You need to install the new render pipelines (depends on which one you are after, light or high def) from the package manager, then attach that to the scriptable render pipeline settings. For HD you want to choose HDRenderPipelineAsset within Packages/HD Render Pipeline/HDRP and assign it to the top field in the Inspector once you have clicked on Edit > Project Settings > Graphics

See the section Upgrading an existing project in this link:

I hope this will solve problem

Outstanding, thanks. This worked perfectly.

Note that after 2019.3 it is called Universal Render Pipeline,Note that after version 2019.3 it is called Universal Render Pipeline

I hope this answer will help you

To solve this problem go to ** Help >Reset ** Packages in Unity and problem will be solved.
If not then delete the ** >Packages>manifest.json** file. So, unity will auto generate the new file. These are the two best solutions for this