Shader Graph low poly water normals

Hello everyone,

I am trying to get a low poly water shader working with shader graph (Unity 2019.3).
I have add some vertex displacement to create waves on my plane, but I can’t find a way to parameter normals to make it look like low poly water.

It seems like the “Position” node doesn’t update after vertex displacement. It looks like all my normals are oriented on Y axis instead of being normal to the triangles.

Here are some screens of my shader graph and preview :

  1. preview
  2. normals
  3. position

@Youendi Probably a bit late, but if you take the final vertex position (the one going into the vertex position port of the master node) and drag it into a DDX node and a DDY node, then take the cross product and normalize it, you should get low poly normals. Plug that into the normal port on the master node. (Make sure the DDX output goes into the upper port on the cross product node to not get inverted normals)