Shader Graph material removes ability for object to change z-axis in a 2.5D project

In my 2D Unity game using a perspective camera, I have a Shader Graph material that allows my sprite to sway in the wind. I’m incredibly new to Shader Graph and was watching a tutorial on how to make the object sway. It works great, but the thing is that when I change the gameobject’s position from Z=0, the object does not move to my new position (Z=1). When I take the material off, however, it moves properly to that position. Here’s the shader graph:

I would provide more images to show the scene, but since I’m a new user to Unity Discussions I can only provide one image it seems. I’m guessing that the shader that I created is affecting the object’s Z-axis somehow, but I can’t seem to figure out how to make it stop doing that. The movement axis moves to the new position and the gameobject’s transform position changes, but the sprite looks completely unchanged when moving it on the Z axis.

To those who are wondering, I did some tinkering and figured it out on my own. Here’s what I did: There’s a split node connected to a Vector2 node. What I did was change that into a Vector3 node and provide a new Offset (Vector 3) variable that lets me change the Z value in the inspector when making new materials (BG1 for an offset of 1, BG2 for an offset of 2, etc.) Here’s a detailed view:
While this may not be the most efficient way to do it as I’m plugging a whole Vector3 variable and only using its Z value, it’s the way that I solved it in case anyone was looking for a fix.