Shader Graph - position node with texture ?

Hello !
I’ve been trying out the new shader graph, and came to an issue :
I want to move the position of each vertex base on a texture, but when a texture is plugged into the formula, I cant link it to the position node, the point next to “position” on Master goes gray.

An I missing something ?
Thanks !

Use “Sample Texture 2D LOD” instead of “Sample Texture 2D” node. This is special sampler node for vertex shader.

@Tsequier I’ve been trying to do the same thing with similar results.

I’m far from a shader expert, but I’m assuming the issue has something to do with Shader Graph deciding what nodes are part of the vertex shader vs. fragment?? Just spit balling.

What I was trying to do, is plug in a texture into a tri-planar node, and offset the vertex positions accordingly.

Although I can’t help with the actual issue, if your use case is similar to mine, I think I’ve found a decent workaround. It revolves around the Gradient Noise node, and then a bunch of math nodes that handle the triplanar projection without using the actual triplanar node (which only has a texture for input).

Hope it helps…Sorry, it won’t let me upload the actual shader file. :frowning: