Shader Graph Positioned Vertex Normals

First off, excuse my ignorance, but I wasn’t able to find anything relating to this.

I’m using ShaderGraph and LWRP and I’ve created a “Wave” shader. The vertex positions of a faceted hexagonal are being displaced correctly and from that end, everything is working as intended.

The issue is the actual shading. The top of my object still seems to point up. With displaced vertexes, the normal should now start facing different directions, and thus shade differently.

Is it possible, using ShaderGraph, to recalculate the vertex normals after they’ve been displaced?

I was facing a similar issue. After much tinkering, I found a solution that worked for me. I changed that first Position node in the graph to a Normal Vector node. I kept it set to world space. Afterwards, everything worked really well. I got the displacement I was looking for without any of the hard edge issues or other issues with shading. I hope it works for you.

Hello ! Have you found any solutions for your problem? I’m currently experiencing the same one !
Thanks !