Shader Graph shader Material not showing on certain models

So i currently am testing the new shader graph out and i have successfully made a dissolve shader however when i create a material with it and apply it to one of my meshes, the shader does not work, and the mesh material is totally transparent. so i initially thought that it was an issue with the shader i made however when i test it with a default cube mesh, the shader works perfect so i know its now probably something wrong with my mesh.

The model which i took into unity was a .blend file exported from blender, so i thought maybe the new rendering pipeline does not support it however i exported as an fbx instead, but the shader still does not work. Im really struggling now, because i really want to start using shaders but this is holding me back.

Thanks in advance for the help!

p.s below is an image of the shader working on two default models and how its not working at all on mine…

The only thing i can think of now it the hierarchy setup in blender?
here is a screenshot of the basic model im trying to test with…

I Found the issue, seems like shader graph needs you to have your meshes UV unwraped

Just_Jim is right. All you need to do is to unwrap UV your meshes.
It can be done in blender.
Steps required are as follows:
-Go to edit mode in blender
-Select Edges (All of them by pressing Ctrl + A).

  • Now go to mesh > UV Unwrap > Unwrap.
  • AND save JOB DONE…