Shader material looks different in shader graph compared to scene/gameview

I’ve been trying to emulate a sprite outline shader. I tried using the shader on some images that didn’t have much space around their borders and it worked fine in both scene and shadergraph views; however, for this particular image where the “border” area is quite large, it gives this odd result where the object in the scene is different to that in shadergraph preview.

The Outline doesn’t thicken in the scene view and proceeds to quickly disappear for larger values while in shadergraph it eventually fills up the entire screen essentially.
Thank you.

The sprite really was being sort of cropped as the mesh type in the sprite settings was in tight and not full rect. changing it solved the issue.

After messing around a little I have found out somehow the image acts as if it is cropped despite showing the full size in scene view for some reason as in the picture