Shader object-space differs in simulator for skinnedMeshRenderers

I’m noticing that shader object-space coordinates seem different for skinnedMeshRenderers in the simulator. Ex. Vertex offsets that go left in editor move to the right in the simulator. Is this expected? Mesh renderers don’t have this problem. It seems like the coordinates get standardized in the polyspatial conversion, rather than following their rigged orientations.

It’s not expected, but we haven’t really done any testing with shader graphs on skinned mesh renderers. I wasn’t able to reproduce this exactly, but what I did see was that object positions (as obtained from the Position node with Space: Object) are offset in visionOS as compared to Unity. It looks to me as if visionOS might be returning object coordinates relative to the root bone, whereas Unity returns the raw object coordinates. That might explain your issue if your root bone is rotated (mine was just positioned at the floor, whereas the mesh origin was at the pelvis).

However, if you submit a bug report with your specific repro case and let us know the incident number (IN-#####), we can attempt to debug.