shader rendered upside down

hey everyone
I have a shader called on C# script but it renders upside down ?
did anyone experience this? its a custom shader

i read somewhere people had luck with implementing

screen_uv.y = 1 - screen_uv.y;

but i dont really get how and where?

all the bests

no one has experienced somthing similar and fixed it ??

Take a look here, specifically in the section titled “Image Effects”

To quote a shader excerpt from that section:

// Flip sampling of the Texture: 
// The main Texture
// texel size will have negative Y).

if (_MainTex_TexelSize.y < 0)
	uv.y = 1-uv.y;

hey @Eno-Khaon
thanks for the reply!
Ive looked it that before yes, but as I am new in this shader programming i dont understand where I am supposed to put it in the code?