Shader wants normal , but the mesh does not have them

How solve this problem? In my project hand1 is material on it picture, I clicked it but it show Editor !


The shader you’re using only works with a mesh that has vertex normals. It seems your mesh doesn’t have them. It it’s an imported model, check the import options. There’s a section for Normals and Tangents. If the model itself doesn’t have normals you can Unity calculate them by setting the import setting to “calculate”. The smoothing angle defines the threshold which faces are considered as one curved-surface.

If you created the mesh procedurally via code you have to call RecalculateNormals on your generated mesh. However i’m pretty sure you have an imported model.

In practice, it means the model is probably no good, has a bunch of other things wrong with it, and just find a new one.

You didn’t do anything wrong – the person who made it left something out. Sure, you could fix the normals (Bunny’s instructions sound fine to me.) Fix it just for practice. But normals are pretty basic. If they left those out, the fingers probably also bend wrong, etc… . And you know the model was never even tested once in Unity (or any game engine – normals are something everything uses,) or they’d have seen it.

If it’s your model, just practice modeling more. If it’s someone else’s, maybe the model is perfectly fine, but was made for some really odd use. Or maybe, 1% chance, it’s perfectly good and either they or you just clicked one wrong thing by mistake.