ShaderGraph: How to get rid of rim lighting


always when creating shaders (now also in Unity’s new ShaderGraph), rim lighting gets applied to all objects.
As this effect is not wanted and also is not calculated within the Metallic/Smoothness/Normal values, this rim lighting looks just bad.

How can I disable this effect? I guess this is somewhere coded in the base shader of Unity?

When I set the Metallic values to near 0 this rim lighting fades off, but then I don’t have a good metallic effect on the smoothness map :(.

Can you help me?


Configuration left: With metallic to look sharp
Configuration right: Without metallic to smoothen the rim lighting

Hi, that rim lighting you are refering to It’s due to the fresnel effect (

This it’s always simulated by your PBR Master beacuse it’s using Physically accurate lighting to render the object, and in the real world everything has fresnel. So you’ll see fresnel more brighter at the points where the surface normal it’s perpendicular to your view direction. You also noticed it more in metallic objects because these are more reflective. Be aware that the more smooth the surface is the more fresnel will have. That’s also why when you put smoothness back to 0 you see the rim dissapear.

In fact, I don’t think that this could be problematic to you. Try testing the material in a flat surface and playing around with different lighting set ups.

If you don’t want any fresnel at all, then I think that the best solution will be to not use PBR for your materials.