ShaderGraph: "Sample Texture 2D LOD" flipped on Y-Axis on device

The material X code generated from the ShaderGraph node “Sample Texture 2D LOD” is flipped on the y-axis.

I assume this is because you are flipping the uv’s on the mesh to compensate for using “ND_image_color4” which uses a flipped Y-axis. If you use “ND_RealityKitTexture2D_color4” instead, there should be no need to flip the coordinates at all.

The LOD node is also converted to the deprecated node “ND_realitykit_image_lod_color4” instead of “ND_RealityKitTexture2DLOD_color4”

Do you need a bug/incident report for this?

No; we’ve had it on our road map to convert to using these nodes, but they weren’t included in the node reference files included with Xcode last time I checked (but are now), and they failed to work in the simulator with dynamically created textures (versus ones loaded from files). I can try converting to using them again; certainly, not having to flip the UVs would be a big win.

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