Shaders - Bevel / Mosaic pixel shader help.

So I’ve stumbled across this “source” and am really interested as how this can be recreated through Unity. I would like to approach it using some form of post process effect opposed to creating that effect inside Photoshop but the problem is I have zero experience scripting shaders or using shader forge.

I’ve not been able to find any good references for using Shader forge for post process effects and the limited amount of content I have found on scripting a CG shader has really helped.

Is this a smallish task? Could anyone provide some help or examples using CG language or shader forge? Or at least point me to some useful reference sources?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve played with similar ideas a lot. I used it for a game Koobyky. That shader also detects pixels of the same color to change the Bump Map.

For your case, in a shader, you need to use your main texture’s Texel Size as tyling for a texture which would be used to modify the appearance of your pixel.

Here is the one I made that is the closest to what you want, I think. In that example, I use BumpMap on each pixel (currently commented out). It also detects edges, which you may not need, but all the TexelSize functions are there.


I have more Pixel Art shaders Examples with Playtime Painter.