Shaders for imported object?

I have imported an object into Unity from 3DS Max. The walls are visible on one side but not the other. What is a simple way to get a shader on both sides? Thank you.

Probably normals are flipped in the 3DS max model. Should be able to turn on backface culling in Max. Then you’ll see problems like that before you export.

Game engines don’t draw back faces of “solid” objects, for speed. Like when you stand inside a dragon in World of WarHammers and can see out of it. Skipping backfaces is “culling” them. Max generally draws them, since as a modeller you want to see stuff (and you don’t need speed to display one model.)

You can render both sides by grabbing a copy of the shader (from the Unity Shader download) and adding Cull Off near the top, but fixing the normals is usually the better solution.

It sounds like you’ve built your walls out of a plane - which will be single sided in Unity unless you use a different shader. The answer is to build your walls out of boxes.