Shaders in Project Aren't Transferring Over to .EXE

Hello. I’m creating a game, and at one point in the game, all objects in the screen fade out. To do this, I’m using a loop to assign all objects a temporary transparency shader, then turning down the alpha property. It seems to work perfectly when I’m inside the Unity Editor. However, if I try to build an executable and run it, all the objects turn pink when they are supposed to be fading away. I know this means that it can’t find the correct materials, but they’re all in the project, so I assume it is a problem with Unity finding the shaders. To clarify, I’m creating Shader variables, then assigning them in the Start function. Thanks in advance for the help. Code below:

Shader shaderTrans;
void Start () {
    shaderTrans = Shader.Find ("Transparent/Diffuse");
    shaderIlluminate = Shader.Find ("Self-Illumin/Diffuse");

void Update () {
    objList = GameObject.FindObjectsOfType (typeof (GameObject));
    foreach(GameObject obj in objList){
	        foreach (Material mat in obj.renderer.materials){
		        mat.shader = shaderTrans;
		        Color oldColor = mat.color;
		        mat.color = new Color(oldColor.r,oldColor.g, oldColor.b, alphaFade);

According to Shader.Find reference:

When building a player, a shader will only be included if it is assigned to a material that is used in any scene or if the shader is placed in a “Resources” folder.

Additionally, I think you can force shader to be included in the build, by going to Edit->Project Settings->Graphics, and adding your shader to the array. I’ve never tested this though.