Shaders not working

hello This is Rohit Saini
In my editor every object seems to be pink not any shadows are working and after build
every thing in screen or window is pink .

In console when I select any object in scene there is always an error-
SceneView Selected shader is expected to have 7 passes
after building of game there is nothing rether than pink color
The default skybox is pink when I go to window>lightning>scene>skybox that may result in turning the game view also pink. please solve my problem.

hey , i hope i am not too late.
this is because of your shader version.
i had the same problem on my old PC when i update unity from 5.3 to 5.5 and everything became pink.
and i couldn’t use the wet surface in unity 5.3 too as this color appeared and the water appeared pink too,
so i checked my graphic card it was using Shader 2.0 and unity 5.5 requirement Shader 3.0 so i downloaded an old version. I think you have the same problem as i can see you are using DX 9.
download an old version of unity and your projects will open well.
Replay please and told me if it succeeded or not. for me it succeeded.

Hey @rohitsaini93 thank you for a super quick reply. I think it’s a problem with the skybox as I found a fix for the whole background being pink when i first start unity. But it doesn’t fix the terrain problem, I’m sure other shapes work such as the cube is fine.

How would I change the shader for the skybox. I went to the graphics setting but it won’t add an 8th shader selection box. I am at my Witt’s end as unity 4.5 was fine.

I thought i solved the problem prior to adding terrain by going to Window > lighting and then deleting the skybox then adding a new skybox material into it.

This method is not so perfect though as it means importing the skybox material and textures each time.

Thank you again for your quick reply and sorry to overload this post with writing.