shading/shadows are too dark in build but okay in unity game view

Hello! I’m currently working on my project and been making a scene for a start menu. It was okay at first since I was only looking at game view. However, I had this idea in making a build for the game to check what errors I need to fix. No errors but only the lighting. First photo below is in the editor which the shading of the tree okay.
Second photo below, is the build which is too dark. I don’t know how to fix this and haven’t seen any solution for it. I have tried every tutorial out there but to no luck.

I posted more details about my project here at the forums but haven’t got a reply. I usually don’t ask in forums because people might be pissed off asking for help but I am so desperate after a day of trying to fix this. I hope somebody can help. Thank you so much!

I solved my problem by changing the lighting source to color.

Check this at stackexchange