Shadow artifacts when using deferred rendering

When I use deferred rendering in combination with my directional light (sun) strange shadow artifacts are visible on terrain and objects. Anyone familiar with this look? What might cause this?

Hi, did you try increasing the Bias level of your directional light? That solved the isse for me.

Old thread, I know. Bias helps, but sometimes with shadow artifacts like this, it would require the shadow offset to be too…offset, lol. Anyway, a good way around this if you aren’t looking for dynamic shadows is to set the shadow quality to Very High Resolution and then bake it onto the scene. This is why a general rule is to use as little dynamic light as possible.

I just ran into this problem today and this is how I saved it without having to go crazy with the bias level. I had objects very, very close to the ground so a bias level other than the default would cause artifacts like you mentioned, or the shadow would not be anchored at the object’s base.

Just wanted to let you all know in case you have this problem from the world of tomorrow.