Shadow Issue in 3.5.2

Hello all,
I recently upgraded my pro version to 3.5.2 from 3.4.X and am having a shadow issue.

The edges of all my soft shadows are very grainy. I am using a single directional light and it does not matter if I have the shadow quality set to low resolution or very high. The results are the same whether I am in an old project or create a new one.
I do not believe I had this issue before I upgraded.

A few of my settings:
I am using Deferred Lighting
I have the player quality set to fantastic
Directional Light Shadow quality set to Very High Resolution

Has anyone else run across this problem and if so found a solution?

3.5 uses a dithering effect to provide the illusion of a smoother soft shadow than was possible in 3.4, which had a blocky look for soft shadows. This does look rather grainy on solid colors, but looks better on more typically “noisy” textures. It’s not possible to change this behavior.

I have the same problem as well. I tried changing the close and stable fit in the quality settings, but to no avail as well.

I discovered that the graphic adaptor plays a part as well. With the high end professional graphic adaptor, it looks much less grainy.