Shadow not showing up inside closed room

Hi All,
I have unity pro 4.0.
In my scene, there is a closed room (4 walls, floor and ceiling). Inside that room, there is a table and a ball placed on the table.
Now, I want to create shadow of ball on table. I used directional light object (only light object that creates shadow) and placed it inside the room but room is still dark. “Cast Shadow” and “Receive Shadow” is checked for all objects inside room.
Please help

Thanks in advance!

Hey naveenrai8,

Turn “cast shadow” off for your ceiling and walls (unless you want the walls to cast shadows).

Hope this helps! -Gibson

Hi, did you find a solution to this problem?

I have a similar situation where I have a closed room and need the shadows to display inside with one directional light.

If I zoom out of this room I see it cast shadows on the outside though. It’s as if the directional light needs to some how penetrate the walls and ceiling.

Thanks, Duane

have you tried putting a directional light inside that room don’t know if it will work but its worth a try also if you want have the inside of the room as a separate level and then put the directional light in there. hope that helps