Shadow Problem

Hi, I am experiencing a lighting problem. I have attached a pic here. In that one, i am getting shadows for sofa, But i am not getting shadows for others. I have Turned On Soft Shadows. No settings is being changed on the soft shadows. Please give some ideas folks. 73619-query.png

Mm… by staring at the image I get the impression that the range of the lights end before reaching the chairs and the overall lighting is coming from the ambient lighting (skybox).

Check the range and increase it so see if that’s the reason.

The shadows seem to be realtime, so I guess baked/realtime/mixed setting is not the problem here.

edit: chairs, stairs… same thing…

The reference i got from a colleague is, spot lights are cone like lights and they will give perfect lighting’s when they are in cone shape, not when they are stretched fully. The cone shape which helps us to get perfect shadows.
Extra credits :
When you are using shadows, don’t use to its full strength. If you really wanna have mild shadows, do adjust according to the scene for which you are using. :slight_smile: