Shadows are not being cast on terrain using lightmapping

Hello guys,

I would like some advice from you. I have simple scene - one mesh, one point light and small flat terrain. Mesh is set to be lightmapping static, so is terrain. But whatever I do - there are no shadows on terrain. I am really hopeless right now and I don’t know what to do to get the shadows working with terrain.

When I replace the terrain with cube, everything works fine.

Thanks in advance!


So on first picture, you can see the setup of terrain. If I set size down to 250x250, then you get result as on picture 2. Please note, that in the first case one terrain “tile” is larger than lamp post.

alt text
alt text


I have found out, that the problem was with the size of terrain and maximal resolution of lightmap, which is 4096x4096. Am I right if I say that the only way to achieve lightmapping is to scale down the terrain and split it to multiple smaller parts? (the real size of terrain is 2km x 2km and I use 1 unity unit as 1 meter).

unity 5.0.1 fixes it