Shadows disappear with distance

Now, firstly, when I say shadows disappear with distance, I am NOT talking about the farther away you are from a shadow/object casting a shadow, you can’t see it any more. I’m talking about the farther the light source gets from the object, the object stops casting a shadow. For example, I have a light source a few thousand meters away, and shadows are no longer cast from objects hit by the light (No matter how much I try and adjust settings).

To give some detail about my problem specifically, I have a sun in the centre of my scene with planets all around it. The scale of it is quite large. It’s not that I need each object on the planet to cast a shadow, the only real problem is that objects on the dark side of the planet (The side away from the sun) are still receiving light, since the planet doesn’t cast a shadow.

Why is this? How would I be able to fix it? Is there some other way to do it? Thanks.

Short answer: Unity isn’t perfect. You need to use “reasonable” scales.

As you increase the scale of a scene, you will see similar bugs. If you are trying to make a “Solar System” you won’t be able to achieve a 1-to-1 scale without running into lots of similar bugs. When working with extremely large scenes, they must be scaled down based on a fixed ratio. As another example, try placing a well-textured model at the center of the scene ('0’ed transform). Then move that model 100,000 meters (units) in any axis and note the shaky scene view. Move it like 3 meters further, and you will notice bad texturing artifacts all over the model.