Shadows in Preview, but not in Game view or on Device

When I run any of the Polyspatial/ VisionOS example projects, eg. Balloon Gallery, I see Shadows in the Preview window, but “ALMOST” not in the Game Window (on play) or on device. In the Game view, I think I can see a very faint shadow, of objects I move around, but almost invisible.

Is there a way to make the shadows more prominent, make them look like in the Preview Window?

On Vision Pro itself (the actual device), I am not sure if I see any shadows at all.


Hello! The shadows cast by the balloons on simulator/device are provided by the VisionOS Grounding Shadow component, which is a direct proxy for RealityKit’s GroundingShadowComponent. There’s no way to make the shadows from that component more prominent, as it doesn’t expose any properties. We also do not (currently) have a Unity equivalent of the GroundingShadowComponent, which is why you don’t see the shadows in play mode.

The shadows you see in edit mode are cast by the directional light, but we don’t currently synchronize the shadow-casting property of that light for PolySpatial, which is why the copy created in play mode doesn’t cast shadows.

We intend to add support for (basic) shadows to the PolySpatial Lighting node, which will allow for more flexibility than the VisionOS Grounding Shadow component.

Thank you for the reply, makes sense and good to know.

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