Shadows on Android [Problem]

I know there are a lot of post with problems with shadows not appearing on Android devices, well, no solutions, just people saying the shadows don’t work real time on tegra devices.

I tested my builded game on 4 different devices (so old and new ones), i have shadows in rt, but they are so close to the camera, they dont show up when they are far. I have no problems whit some shadows not appearing when they are too far, but the problem is they are not showing when they are like 3 meters away…

Can I change the distance they render? Like the clipping planes of the camera?

Another question is… Can I make something to change the settings of the shadow lights to low or high on Android (When i resset the level they are allways how they were on the start)

Thnaks in advance :wink:

Go to edit → project settings → quality and change shadow distance. You can change these via scripting: