shadows problem in unity 5

Hello people =)
I nead help whith shadows on unity 5.
First question Unity 5 have free shadows or i need pay edition?
Second question on unity 5 free edition haw i can abilitate shadows?? I followed a lot of tutorial on Unity (setion learning) and tutorial on other web site, but i can’t see the shadows created to light if light is different to direction light…

Sorry for my bad english but i am italian =D

Go to light and set the shadows on the directional light you have hard and soft shadows :smiley:

All editor features are free in Unity 5.

To make lights to cast shadows try check the settings i highlighted (you may change first one to “realtime” and second one to “hard shadows” if you want):


Also, check the setting i highlighted below in expected receivers’ renderers:


Best wishes.

I’m not sure about unity 5, but in unity 4 realtime shadows only work with directional lights, so no shadows for spots and points, in forward rendering by default.

Might be worth it to check if your rendering path in player settings is set to deferred rendering and see if that makes a difference! If you need forward rendering there are shader solutions out there.

AntoPolizzi, apparently there is a kind of limit : something like "1 point light and 1 directionnal light with realtime shadow " ; if you wanna more, you would need to create lightmaps.