Shadows Won't Stop Flickering?

I’m working on a scene with one directional light with a hard shadow. Currently it is the only light in the scene besides the default ambient light.

I’m using the free version of Unity, and the free hard shadow casting. The directional light is set to Hard Shadows and with a strength of .5 and a bias of .1 . In the Scene View, the shadows are fine and stable. However, whenever I run the game the shadows flicker immensely. When I opened up the stats window, the “Shadow Casters” count was going from 0 to 368 in sync with the flickering, back and forth.

I’m running on a brand new Sony VAIO, with windows 8.1. I had to add the “-force-dx311” to the target property in order to get it Unity to work in general. Could that be the issue?

I have no scripts active in the scene, just a camera an empty cube and a plane.

Any help would be appreciated.

Change the setting from Realtime to Static GI and Realtime.