shape shifting character animation

hi folks,

is there a way to shift the shape of a ball e.g. to an egg in an animation? I can do the animation in Cinema, but as Unity dosen't support point level animations, I can only shift shapes by scaling my object in Unity via code, but it's just not smooth enough. Even if I could do a bone animation, which I can't, I can't imagine how to do it with bones...Any ideas?

Well, for an egg you would need 2 bones. Make one for about 1/3 of the ball, which will be the dull side of the egg. The other bone will be the rest. If you scale it down on the width and maybe add a bit into the height. The outcome should resemble an egg.

There are some user written blendshape scripts (just search on the forum). The performance is not great, but if you don't have many models it might be sufficient.