Share framework? (share to fb, whatsapp, bbm etc)

Does anyone know how to integrate a sharing framework into unity?
Possibly a plugin which does so?

Basically my requirement is a button ingame that when pressed allows a list of possible sharing apps to open up. And the user can select where to share the current playing status (Like, ‘hey im playing xyz!’)

If thats not possible… what other possible avenues do I have? For example, a button ingame that takes you to our facebook page? How would that work

Hey there,

There are the plugins for specific sharing applications such as Facebook, however in that case you will discover that some are fat and you might need something skinny as you only want to publish.

The other option which I found much better and posed much less complications was to actually build your own skinny plugin based on the Apple Social framework.
Apple released this framework specifically to have unified way to easily share, and you can take advantage of many examples.
Using a small file, you can create a plug in library or simply include the file into your plugin directory and have it compile as a post build stage (automatically).

Any method you exposed (single line of declaration) you will be able to use inside Unity.

Good luck