Share Occlusion Culling Data among Same Scenes

Hi there.
Sorry if this question smells a bit Noobish :slight_smile:
Imagine I have a Scene named A and currently being used in ten levels.
all the scenes are the same and just multiplied ten times with different scripts and some other things tweaks.
now i found that my occlusion culling has some problems and i want to re-bake it for one
of the scenes and use it among other same scenes instead of baking it individually.
is there any way/trick to do so?
baking OC is really taking to much time and my game has 51 levels
which are created from only 9 base scenes. so is it possible to bake it only for those
9 Base scenes?
thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You can run a script from the command line, but first you’ll need to create an Editor script that bakes the data. See this page for details: Unity - Scripting API: StaticOcclusionCulling

And this page for the command line arguments (look at -executeMethod). There’s an example just down the page to do this.

@Mehrdad995 Occlusion data is baked per scene into its respective folder but we can share one baked data among multiple scenes by baking one occlusion data for a scene and then open that scene in a code editor or notepad and copy 2 lines which are something like this

Copy these two lines of the scene which has occlusion data baked because this is the reference for the data, now simply open your other scene in code/text editor and replace these two lines for that scene and save it, upon opening this scene it will load the baked data and work.