Shared materials over muliple players


I have tried to set different colors, textures or materials over multiple players, but I can’t find the solution.

I want different players to shared a list of materials without having the same aspect (color and such) at runtime.

Do you know what’s the procedure to do so ?

hello @Gvrv
You can add script to set color individual, If you have instantiate gameobject

With help of

  gameObject.renderer.material.color = Color(0.777, 08, 0.604);


gameObject.renderer.material.color = Color.white;

This will not change color of prefab.

By no means do I know much about sharing components, but have you looked at Unity - Scripting API: Material.CopyPropertiesFromMaterial ?
You could probably use that and just have a script that’ll copy the material off a “master” Player, and attach it to each actual player, then copy over everything. Then you can use stuff like SetColor and such to change them if you need to.