Sharing animation clips among models

How do I share animations among several different models?

The object with the animations appears as if it were a folder in the Unity project panel. However, you can use the animations with other objects as long as they have the vertices attached to the bones in the same way. The animations are actually accessed within the script as objects of type AnimationClip. A handy way to access the animations from different scripts is to create public AnimationClip variables in the script. You can drag the animation assets from the object's "folder" to the variables in the inspector. In the script, you then need to use animation.AddClip to make the clips accessible by name:-

var walkAnim: AnimationClip;
var idleAnim: AnimationClip;

function Start() {
   animation.AddClip("Walk", walkAnim);
   animation.AddClip("Idle", idleAnim);