Sharing animations with models

Can someone point me to a code example that will apply a common animation to a model in Unity?

I have several character biped models from 3DS Max that all share the exact same animations (walk, talk, run etc.)

Rather than export each model with all their animations it seems to me that I can save a lot of space by exporting only the model and each animation once and apply the animation at run time.

Thanks for your time!

If you have dude.fbx, try calling your animations dude@walk.fbx, dude@talk.fbx, etc.

Unity will automatically recognize this convention, and add the animationclip's from those fbx's to the Animation component of the imported dude.fbx. Alternatively, you can use Animation.AddClip() to add any AnimationClip to an Animation component.

var walkClip : AnimationClip;
animation.AddClip(walkClip, "walk");

For the specific case of building asset bundles out of the animations, we export the skinned mesh, and then delete the mesh in maya when exporting the various animations.

If you don't trust Unity, or want to do an A-B comparison, or want to make asset bundles, this is an option.