Sharing opengraph story using FB.Feed

I am trying to figure out how to publish opengraph stories using FB.Feed in Unity3d. We are using the Unity Facebook SDK version 6.2.2 on iOS.

According to the Facebook docs it is possible to utilize the share dialog to post custom opengraph stories.

I know it is possible to post stories with FB.API, but that requires extended permissions from the user, which is not something we want to ask for.

Does anyone have a C# code snippet showing how to use the FB.Feed function to post opengraph stories (including metadata and an image)?

Thanks for your kind help.

@HaakonL you can share an open graph object with FB.ShareLink or FB.FeedShare in the latest version of the Facebook SDK for Unity. Here is an example source code and result:

	new Uri(""),

If you want to share an open graph story with an action and an object you will need to use the API currently. See an example here. This could be supported in the future through a function like FB.ShareLink using the documentation you linked, but the conduit is not implemented in the Unity SDK yet. If you are interested in building support for this, check out the source code here.