Sharing the HoloLens Spatial Map


I am working on a project where I want to be able to view the spatial map wireframe generated by HoloLens in real time on a desktop/tablet device.

How would I export the spatial map from HoloLens to another live user on a Windows 10 machine?

It would of course also be nice to get texture data for the wireframe, but I don’t know any way in which that might currently be possible. The only necessary component would be the spatial map.

I will be using some touchscreen scripts to manipulate my view of the spatial map on the Windows 10 machine (it’s a Surface).

Once you scan the room, Hololens will create a spatial map of your room which can be downloaded to your machine from the settings page.

This will be in particular format like obj which you can even import into a modelling tool like Maya or Game engine like Unity 3D.