Sharing vertex buffer between mesh objects

Is there possibility to share vertex buffers between Mesh Objects. I have baked some bezier patches to Mesh objects. I would like to create a LOD version of a bezier patch; can I re-use the vertices from one mesh and just use different triangles (index buffer) to reduce poly count.
This is trivial to do with pure graphics API but I have not found a way to do it with Unity meshes.

No, Unity does not support that. A Mesh instance actually “owns” its native vertex and index buffers. Unity provides methods like “GetNativeVertexBufferPtr” for native code plugin usage. However there is no way to set the vertex buffer of a Mesh class instance. You would have to assign the same vertex array / List to both Meshes which of course would duplicate the vertex buffer on the GPU. Though since you said it’s pre baked it would make more sense to actually use a trimmed down vertex list as well.

However if it’s important for you to save GPU memory you can do this if you handle everything in a native plugin. Of course native rendering plugins have to consider the actual used graphics interface which is different on most platforms. For more information see NativePluginInterface