Sharper terrain textures

Hello. Is there a way to make terrain textures sharper? Say I have this sand/dirt/stone texture I want to paint over a grass texture on terrain, it blends the two textures together. I don’t want that though. So is there any way to disable/lessen this or something? I’ve searched and searched but I’ve not found anything.

Not in any good way.

You could change the terrain shaders, but Unity have repeatedly told us that may break in future versions.

You could make the Control Texture Resolution very high, but that would use way too much memory.

You could make more textures - one of the sand, one of the sand with grass, etc., but that means many more textures and more splatmaps, especially if you have things other than grass that you need to add on top of the ground.

You could of course use grass detail rather than texture, but that’s not really related to your problem.