SharpPdf in Unity How to embedded font?

Hello anyone i need help
In unity Plugin SharpPDF i can use only predefined font.
how can i use another font?.
Thankyou for any help.
,Hello Anyone i need help.
in my unity plugin SharpPdf i can use only Predefined font.
how can i use another font?.

Even me facing the same issue, i have few more difficuilties if you could help me out

  1. How to dynamically increase the column height according to the text size at runtime.
  2. How do i insert an image without using the co-routine function.
  3. How to dynamically write the data on the new page if current page is filled and data is still pending. For example, there are 50 rows in my table at runtime and one first page 30rows occupy the space, then how do i dynamically write the remaining 20 rows on second page.
  4. Instead of storing the file in root folder, in assets folder , how can i store the pdf at different location by selecting the folder from the system.

Can you out, it would be great help…Thank you in advance.