Hello evrybody,

I move my character using the numeric keypad. I run with RightShift. I have a problem :

Except that when I press the SHIFT key and a key on my keypad (example : keypad4), it does not occur [4] but LeftArrow.

Other example: i press RightShift for run, I jump with keypad 0, i can’t jump because Keypad0 is tranformed [0] into Insert…

I said that the Num Lock is activated in the two cases cited

I emphasize that this does not occur with Skyrim or Wow, only with Unity and all the projects I’ve tested.

Thanks for your help.

How can I solve?

Relase : Unity 4.5.5
OS : Windows 7 x64 SP1

kk, it seems like you are just going to have to change what buttons you use, the only other thing I can think of is to make it so that the buttons do not correspond to the numbers but instead the functions E.G num lock, pg up, home… OR EVEN right arrow. It should make it so that you can use the regular arrow keys but also the arrow keys on the numeric keypad!