Shivering textures with VR Camera

Hi there !
I have a weird rendering problem in my Unity world. Some gameobjects have a kind of shivering effect on them, and it can causes motion sickness. If i look at my world with a regular camera, nothing weird happens and every texture is correctly rendered. I already have changed some parameters in SteamVR but nothing happened.
I uploaded a video of the shivering effect on youtube : Test Video - YouTube
If anybody has a hint or a lead to solve this problem it will be of great help.
Thanks !

Wait, are you just referring to the lack of anti-aliasing? That’s not really a “texture” issue, but a human perception vs. all-or-nothing-per-pixel 3D model rendering discrepancy.

Anyway, there are multiple forms of anti-aliasing that can be applied to your view, and the Editor’s Game view might not exactly reflect the built game’s rendered appearance.