Shoot Gun Aim Bullet?

hey here is wesley i have a Question i have my player i have my guns. But i have 2 gun in front of my screen that works for me but i have also a object in the middel of my screen that is for aiming at somthing its a litte red dott you know what i mean with this i hope almost every fps game like cod Black ops haze also an am pont in the screen. but my bullets do go exactly forward so thay pass the object im aming at

here`s an other question When i shoot. the bullets only bullet number one collides with an object the other bullets seems to go right tru it end dont collide or colission

I do hope that you can help me

i have some immages made with the print screen so i coud show you what i mean but they are on my computer and i can only insert an immage from the web at this site so if you wanna see the images let me know thanks


When your bullets passes through a wall is it proberly because the bullet moves so fast, that when a frame is rendered the bullet is just in front of the wall, but then when it renderes the next one the bullet has allready passed through the wall.

You need a script that insures that you bullet collides with the wall. This script is from the Wiki, you could try it.

Hope that helpes :)