Shoot mortar on clicked floor

I have a game where the player controls a car and it has a mortar like weapon which is static on the car. I need to be able to click and fire the mortar on to the spot i click it on. I do not need real physics just the illusion of it as I want to minimise calculations on he CPU. All I need is to have the projectile go up in an arc and come down where I clicked.

Is there a formula or something I can try to achieve this?

I am able to obtain the vector position of where i clicked. I need to present my projectile such that it looks like it’s being shot into the air and back down to that position.

I have the vector that player is at, vector of clicked area and distance between the two but I don’t know how to put those into working calculations to shoot the mortar from.

This isn’t all that easy as there are a couple of factors you would have to consider in a formula like that. Have a look at iTween (Accurate lob), this does exactly what you want to do.